Established with the ethos of excellence in service delivery, we are the most affordable car rental service provider, yet we do not compromise the virtue in our service delivery. We’ve got the quality and the expertise, making us the leading and most reliable car rental company in the industry.  Our customers are the reason why we are in business, your safety and comfort are invaluable to us that is why we keep our cars in safe hands and in good condition as we will use at home as private cars transporting our own children, friends and family. And because we are constantly renewing our fleet, our customers always have the chance to be chauffeured in some of the very latest model of vehicles all at low prices.

One of our top priorities is to adjust each package we offer to our customers so as to meet your exact needs. We offer a variety of options that can enhance your experience, always according to your necessities, and help you get the best out of your outings, leisure or business trip. We are punctual and have deep knowledge of the road networks, where ever your destination is, we will take you there.


We are known for keeping our cars in good condition, always making sure that they are checked and serviced regularly and perfectly for optimal efficiency. 

We consistently have in mind the safety and comfort of our business and leisure customers, our cars are new, clean, impressive and fully air-conditioned.  We also offer a variety of vehicles with special features including driver and passenger side airbags, anti-lock brakes, child safety locks, CD/DVD players and even more.


We are certified to have the best hands in the industry and we run a background check on our drivers and series of test before we hire them, they are professionals, tested and trusted. 

We make a significant investment in attracting and retaining the best hands in the industry thereby ensuring that our people have the expertise to do a great job and are motivated to put the customer first by carrying out their tasks safely,  and effectively. So you just have to take a seat while we take the wheels.